Welcome to Class 2!

We understand in Year 2 that working hard and having fun go hand in hand and that’s what we do.

We cover maths, reading, writing, phonics, handwriting and spellings in the morning and then in the afternoons we specialise on our topic work. The topics in Class 2 really excite and engage the children. Across the year the topics are: Pirates, Victorians, The Great Fire of London, Imaginary Worlds, Forests and Africa. The topics link as many areas of the curriculum as possible allowing the children time to become fully immersed in their work.

During May the children get to show everyone just how well they are doing through the formal assessment process which involves Teacher assessments supported by the use of standardised tests. These outcomes are then formally reported to the Department for Education. We stress with the children that this is their opportunity to show the teachers and their parents how much they have learnt since coming to school.

Class 2 marks the end of the children’s time in Key Stage 1 and ensures they are ready for a successful move into Key Stage 2.


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