At Hartwell Primary, we challenge every child to strive for the highest standard of personal, social and intellectual development and to aim for excellence in all they do.

We encourage children to have the confidence to explore and experiment as they work to develop their talents and achieve their full potential. The Governors and staff of Hartwell Primary recognise that this is a Church of England School and on these foundations commit to:

• Providing a stimulating, caring and safe environment which encourages our children to become confident, to work hard and to respond positively to challenge

• Developing trust, self discipline, friendship, good manners and mutual respect for each other and the environment

• Delivering the whole curriculum in a way which ensures balance and breadth and prepares our children for their future

• Structuring our teaching and learning styles to meet the needs of all our children

• Showing that each and every child is valued and appreciated and teaching our children to respect and value others

• Encouraging a respect for diversity, an appreciation of the differing cultures and beliefs of other peoples

• Preparing our children to prosper and make a positive contribution to the communities they are involved in


Hartwell Values

H is for honesty every day

“Better to be poor and honest than rich and dishonest”, Proverbs 28 v 6

 A for achievement the Hartwell way

“A person will reap exactly what he sows”, Galations 6 v 7

R is respect, responsibility too

“Respect everyone – love your fellow believers”, 1 Peter 2 v 17

T is for trust between me and you

“Trust in the Lord – he helps and protects you”, Psalm 117 v 9

W is for wisdom in what we do and say

“I will honour those who honour me”, 1 Samuel 2 30

E is enthusiasm at work and play

“Whatever you do work at it with all your heart”, Colossians 3 v 23

L is for listening with kindness and care

“Listen and understand”, Matthew 15 v 10

L is for loving God’s world which we share

“Love conquers all”, Proverbs 10 v 12

Put them together and what do you get


A school where Christian values count!