In July we ran a Prayer Space in school for the children in Key Stage 2 was a great success and we’d like to share some photos and some of the comments from the children with you all.


We looked at the themes of Please (asking for help); thank you (developing a grateful heart); sorry (letting go) and valuing change (caterpillars will become butterflies). We had a great team of volunteers on each of the two days who worked brilliantly with the children to explore the themes – a big thank you to them all!


“I liked the ‘Be Still’ tent because it gives you some peace and quiet for a minute”.

“The Sorry Stones made me feel fresh with no bad things happened”.

“I loved it because it was comfy”.

“I loved the Sorry Stones because it was fun”.

“I liked the tent – it was a good idea to let go and think in peace”.

“My favourite place was the Sorry Stones because it helped me to forgive the people I’m angry with”.

“My favourite was everything because I really enjoyed it all”.

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