Exceptional end of KS2 results

During May our KS2 children sat the National tests in Reading, Spelling Grammar and Punctuation and Maths. We were delighted to share the results of the tests with the children in their reports on Friday. Hartwell’s data is always strong and above National in all areas. However this year’s data is exceptional.

At the end of KS2 the Government sets a standard which Year 6 children are expected to meet (Age Related Expectation).

I am very proud to share the following data showing Hartwell Primary’s percentage of pupils reaching the end of KS2 expected standard:

Reading: 93%

Maths: 100%

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling: 100%

Writing teacher assessment: 100%

I am sure you will agree that these are outstanding outcomes. I would like to congratulate all of our Year 6 children and the staff who have taught them so well over the last seven years. This really is an exceptional year’s results.

Alongside our KS2 data, I am also proud to share that our end of KS1 data is also very strong and a further improvement on 2016.

Data and academic achievement is extremely important but………..

At Hartwell Primary we value the development of the whole child. It is so important to us that our school is about offering a range of opportunities which allow children to develop in a rounded way. It is fantastic to know that our children achieve so well academically but also benefit from such a wide range of opportunities. We show that one is not mutually exclusive to the other.

In January we took a choir of 40 children to Birmingham to perform at the LG arena in the Young Voices concert and in June we took an orchestra of 30 children to perform in the Arts Festival at the Derngate theatre. For a one form entry primary school, this is an amazing number of young people engaged in music to a high level. Our recent Music Recital evening also showed the fantastic number of children engaged in music in our school.

We have also been incredibly proud of our sporting achievements this year with a whole range of opportunities for children to enjoy as well as significant successes in a variety of events/tournaments across the year e.g. Cross country, rugby, netball and cricket.

Equally, visitors to our school always comment on the high standard of art work displayed. Art is a further area which allows children to show their creativity and an area of strength in our school.

Finally, the recent Year 5/6 residential trip to the Isle of Wight highlighted the wonderful attitude and behaviour of our children. On return to school all staff were eager to commend the children and to feed back the many occasions during the trip when members of staff at the venues visited and members of the public commented on the childrens’ impeccable manners and their wonderful behaviour. These are values we work hard on with the children and it is wonderful to offer opportunities like this which really allow the children to show that they have taken on board all of the things we, and you as their parents, have taught them.

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