Year 5

Entering into Upper Key Stage 2 provides some exciting challenges as the children progress through the penultimate year of their life at Hartwell Primary School. The children will continue to explore many subjects via practical activities using a wide range of technical vocabulary as well as further applying skills such as investigation and design. Learning and developing independent thinking in Year 5 is characterised by several key questions: ’why?’, ‘Can you apply it?’, ‘how?’ and ‘what if…?.

Year 5 is an exciting year as the children are able to show some creativity in both language choices but also in the independent way that they are encouraged to organise their own work, time and resources.

Our topics this year are excellent! Autumn Term is WW2 where events are brought to life through literacy, history, art and drama. The spring term is ‘Planet Earth’: a geography topic that thrills the children as they learn about volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and plate tectonics!

Finally, the Summer Term brings ‘The Roman Invasion’ which takes us further back in time.

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Curriculum Overview Year 5