Martin Cox (Chair of Governors)

I have been a Community Governor since 2013, and more recently the Chair of Governors at Hartwell Primary School.

My professional background is in the Public Sector leading Workforce and Business Services.

As a Governing Body we are passionate about supporting the school in achieving the best outcomes for our children. My own sons attend so I can see on a daily basis the positive impact our school is having on their lives and their enjoyment in learning.

Our Governing Body welcome feedback and suggestions on our school so feel free to contact us.

Contact details

Martin Cox
c/o Hartwell Primary School
School Lane

01604 862880

If you would like to see a copy of the Funding Agreement please request this either via the 'Contact Us' page or by asking at the school office.

Governance at Hartwell Primary School


Our governance structure is shown below:

The Members meet once a year at an Annual General Meeting, whilst Trustees meet every half-term.  Other than statutory ones, there are no committee  meetings.  The rationale behind this is:

  • To use governors time to best effect and reduce time burden on key governors.  By governors meeting burden becoming less (in most cases), more time focus can be put on governor visits and monitoring activities
  • To avoid repetition between meetings and in turn, being mindful of Headteacher and School Business Manager workload
  • To allow decisions to be made immediately rather than having to be passed through several committees, ensuring rapid turnaround of changes and actions generated at a meeting
  • To ensure that every governor has an understanding of the full range of Governing Body responsibilities, enabling more informed and rounded discussions and decisions


As defined in our Articles of Association, our Members are:

  • The Diocesan Corporate Member Represented by Peter Cantley, Diocese of Peterborough
  • The Chair of Trustees Martin Cox
  • Two other individuals Richard Alcock and a vacancy

Trustees (Governors)

Margaret Ball

Lara Bruce

Martin Cox

Max Isherwood-Crook

Jac Johnson

Sally McCulloch

Ian Messenger

Kirsty Murphy

Elisha Smith

Charlotte Wilson

Bev Wise

Governor Information

Memorandum Of Association

Articles Of Association

Annual Report 2022-23

Declaration of Interests

Meeting Attendance 2022-23

Register of Persons with Significant Control